The Heads

Ceramic Portraits created using clay. Each head takes about 3-6 months to create. Ms. Halper uses all reference pictures digitally to give them their likeness.

Commissions Available Upon Request

Story Time

The heads I am creating now are mostly celebrities however one of the first heads I made was of my sister labeled “Kayla” (can be seen toward the bottom of this page). The reason she is painted to look like bronze is because she exploded in the kiln! For those of you who don’t know,  a kiln is a like a really large oven and reaches extremely high temperatures to cook the clay. All of the busts I make are hollow. So when the busts are about 80% completed, I cut open their head like a craniotomy and use a large loop tool to remove the clay from the inside. Then I reattach the top of the head and finish the bust. The reason I do this is so hopefully I remove any little air bubble that might be stuck in the clay. Because air expands when it is heated, therefore if their was an air bubble the piece will most likely crack or explode. Well that is exactly what happened with “Kayla” so my professors and Long Island University were extremely helpful and showed my how to epoxy the piece back together, and then I had to coat it with a patina so we could not see the cracks, so I actually used a mix of furniture paint and copper to give it a great bronze look.

Robin Williams

Jim Carrey



Dick Van Dyke